Window Tint

Highest Quality Installation Every Time

We specialize in window tinting and have created a great reputation doing it. Our tinting service is separated into 3 main different types: Automotive, Commercial, and Residential. We also tint many different kinds of commercial vehicles and can also tint personal aircraft.

automotive tint

Automotive Tint

Automotive Tinting is a great way to add style to your car. Not only does it make your car look better, it also has a lot of functional uses. Most vehicles in the south have tint to keep excessive heat out, but here in Minnesota we have both hot summers and cold winters. Tinting really helps control the snow glare coming into the vehicle, adding safety.

We use only top quality film. This is important because the cheaper tint will fade to a purple color and start to peal and bubble. Our tint will not fade keeping your car looking good and cool for many years.

Minnesota Law on tinting is that all windows (excluding the windshield) can be tinted to 50 percent. The windshield cannot have any tint on it.

Residential tinting

Residential Tint

Home tinting is a very efficient way to reduce energy costs. Our tint reduces solar heat up to 60 percent, making it easier for your AC unit to keep up and expanding its life span. Another benefit is that it protects your furniture and other personal items, by blocking harmful UV rays and heat. This protects items from fading. Home tinting also has health benefits, UV rays are bad for your skin and your eyes. It is especially nice if you have migraines, your eyes can relax and be stress free without having the blinds shut.

Commercial Tinting

Commercial Tint

One of the best ways to help keep temperature imbalances in your building more consistent is to tint your windows. By tinting your windows you will save a lot of money in energy costs. You will also keep your clients or employees happy by providing them with a more consistent work environment. The tint also makes the build more visually appealing. Other reasons to tint your building is to keep harmful UV rays from coming in and to help decrease stress on your eyes. Many companies that have products also tint their windows. Without tint their products would discolor, making the company look bad.