Why Get A Tonneau Cover For Your Pick-up

Good reasons to get a Tonneau cover”

  • Save Money – Tonneau covers gives your pick-up less drag as your driving which means they make it more aerodynamic which means better gas mileage.

Fun fact for you- tonneau covers improve the coefficient of drag by about 5.7%. a 10% improvement in aerodynamic performance translates to roughly 2%–3% gas-mileage improvement. Therefore, an improvement in Cd of 5.73% would translate to roughly a 1.8% gas-mileage improvement.

  • Protection from weather- Tonneau covers gives your pick-ups bed protection from weather like sleet, rain, snow.
  • Privacy- Tonneau covers provide privacy keeping prying eyes from seeing your belongings inside the bed of your pick-up.
  • Security-Tonneau covers can keep your belongings from walking off while you step away for a minute like going inside a gas station for a minute.
  • Looks- Some people just like the look a tonneau cover gives the pick-up.

Did you know?

  • The word tonneau is derived from a French word that refers to the rear-seating compartment of a vehicle.

How long does customer service stay with you?

            Do you talk about good or bad customer service with others?


  • People are more likely to recall bad exeperiences than good when it comes to customer service.
  • People tend to avoid a place for 2 or more years after a bad customer service experience.
  • People talk about and tell others about bad customer service more than good customer sevice.
  • When someone has a good experience they tend to tell 5 or less people about their experience.
  • When someone has a bad experience they tend to tell 5 or more about their bad experience.


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We at Black Diamond Tinting pride ourselves on the experience of the customer. The smile we receive when you see your newly tinted vehicle or when you Remote Start your car for the first time is something we stride for. (The best customer experience ) Most of our customers were refferd by a previous customer and become returning customers. Along with good customer service we have great prices where everyone gets wholesale price. Black Diamond Tinting wants to provide the best for you.


Why is a Remote Car Starter a good thing to have in Minnesota?

Clifford Security 3706XIt’s certainly more comfortable on a cold winter day – but it also has a benefit to your engine

It might not feel like winter right now, but Black Diamond Tinting knows how quickly Minnesota’s weather can change. Cold enough one day to wear a hat and mittens, and the next day a light sweatshirt will be just fine. But on the really cold days when you get done with work you just want to get home. However, most people don’t think about how bad it is on your vehicle to start it up and just take off driving. But the truth is it’s hard on the engine. Lets face it vehicles are not cheep and without transportation it’s hard to get to where you need to be. At Black Diamond Tinting we are used to the impact Minnesota weather has on your vehicle and want to help our customers and their vehicles have the best – and most comfortable – ride possible.

With a remote car starter you will be able to warm your car’s engine and be able to get in and drive off right away, and it will be warm inside for you as well. And in Minnesota the summer can get hot. With a remote car starter that Black Diamond Tinting can install for you, you will not have to open the door of your vehicle and feel like it’s going to singe your hair. In Minnesota there are reports of vehicles getting well over 100 degrees. But with a remote car starter you will be able to get into a comfortable and cool car.