Vehicle Paint Protection

Paint protection film is the most effective way to protect our car from road damages. This protects against stone chips, debris, scratches, and fresh tar. This material is a thin clear film that acts similar to a screen protector on a smartphone. It works great on motorcycles and anything else that needs paint protection.Vehicle Paint Protection

Most vehicles these days come with little patches of the film near the wheel wells but you can do a lot more. Remember those ugly black bras that would cover the front of the car? They would discolor, crack, and if anything got underneath them they would scratch the paint. You can do the same thing with the clear film and no one will notice, giving the front of your car the protection it needs against rocks, bugs, and whatever semis through at you.

One of the best applications for film protection are pickup trucks. Today’s pickup trucks cost as much as luxury vehicles and yet we drive on gravel roads with them, we also take them off road. Protecting that truck is critical for the longevity and resale cost of that vehicle. Paint protection film is a cost effective way to protect your truck.

Hey with the amount of salt on these road you will want to protect that paint job. No one likes rust.