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Why Get A Tonneau Cover For Your Pick-up

“Good reasons to get a Tonneau cover” Save Money – Tonneau covers gives your pick-up less drag as your driving which means they make it more aerodynamic which means better gas mileage. Fun fact for you- tonneau covers improve the coefficient of drag by about 5.7%. a 10% improvement in aerodynamic performance translates to roughly […]

Why should you tint your vehicle windows

“Good reasons to tint your vehicle that people don’t even think of” Better Driving Driving with the sun directly in your face isn’t just an annoyance – it can be deadly. Car window tint shields your eyes and prevents glare from all sources of extreme light. Keeping cool Black Diamond Tinting uses the right kind […]

How long does customer service stay with you?

            Do you talk about good or bad customer service with others?   People are more likely to recall bad exeperiences than good when it comes to customer service. People tend to avoid a place for 2 or more years after a bad customer service experience. People talk about and […]

Are backup cameras really Important to have?

        Are Backup cameras worth it?  Known as the “bye-bye syndrome” It happens all to often when a person goes to leave or move their vehicle, a young child follows without their knowledge, or an unknown object sits behind your vehicle. The next thing you know you start backing up and the unforeseen tragedy has now occurred […]

Protect your Investment

How important is your Home / Cabin to you?   At Black Diamond Tinting we know how important your home or office that you worked so hard for is to you. That’s why Black Diamond Tinting thinks it’s important to protect your investment. Whether your home/cabin is on one of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota / […]

Welcome to Black Diamond Tinting!

Throughout the past few years we have done some major growing. Thanks to all our loyal customers and their word of mouth business, we have moved into a shop in Little Canada right off of 35E and 694. Our services have also grown, thanks to a new member of the Black Diamond Tinting team. Keith […]