Replacing your factory CD player is a good start to improving the sound quality. Most people are scared or apprehensive to change the original system out because it changes the look of the front dash. There are two different types of CD players you can get; a single din, and a double din (image on the right). Picking the right one can increase the visual appeal to your dash.

There are many different features you can choose in a CD player :

  • CD player
  • Aux input
  • USB input for iPhones, iPods
  • Bluetooth with hands free calling
  • Satellite Radio
  • Different illuminated colors
  • Pandora
  • High output wattage
  • Subwoofer outputs
  • mp3 player

Upgrading the CD player will also increase the sound quality in your vehicle. It will also provide more clean power to your speakers. This is important because it prolongs the life of your speakers. When you turn up the volume in your car and the sound gets really distorted it is very hard on your speakers and you could blow them. Then you really have a horrible sound system.


More and more vehicles these days have DVD players. For families they are a great way to entertain the kids, making your travels more relaxing and stress free. Not only can you watch DVD’s but you can also play video games with some of the systems, giving your kids unlimited hours of entertainment. Some of the in-dash dvd players also have there own turn by turn navigation.

There are different kinds of systems: overhead screen and player, headrest screens and players, in-dash screen and player.

Satellite Radio

Tired of the local radio stations and tire of all the advertisements? You can get:

  • 71 ad free music stations
  • 20 news and issues
  • 20 Talk & Entertainment
  • 6 comedy
  • 12 traffic and weather
  • 40 sports talk with play by play
  • 12 more

There are several ways you can get SiriusXM put into your car but it doesn’t stop there. Once you have a SiriusXM subscription you can access it anywhere. You can download the free app for your smartphone. You can also get the portable radio with docks for your home and car.

We can install the built-in SiriusXM into your car as long as you have a system that can support it. There are different kinds of aftermarket audio systems that are made for it. The benefit to installing this setup is that it keeps your front console clutter free and integrates with the CD player.